Billi Eco Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water System XL Tap 901

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Billi ECO Boiling & Chilled Under Sink System with XL Designer Tap

Instant boiling water or refreshing chilled water available at any time of the day or night.

Operating only when you need it, the Billi Eco incorporates eco-intelligence software to eliminate unnecessary power consumption. Its space-saving efficiency and elegant, functional style are designed for high use and meet green building design principles. Only 18cm wide, the Eco has the smallest footprint of any commercial, combined boiling and chilled filtered water system available.

Water within 1C of boiling
With the innovative Billi electronic temperature regulation system and precise temperature monitoring functions, your hot water will always be within 1C of boiling point. So you will never experience temperature drop-off, even during high-use periods.

Water perfectly chilled 
Enjoy the convenience of being able to vary your chilled water temperature to suit your taste and the seasons. A simple adjustable control allows you to raise the temperature to 15C or lower it to 6C for your perfectly chilled, refreshing drinks, with your desired temperature being quickly reached and maintained.

The purest filtered water
You’ll always enjoy the most refreshing chilled or invigorating filtered boiling water from Billi Eco. Hygienic Eco water filters utilise our most advanced dual stage filtration which retains fluoride in the water yet removes sediments and chemicals.

Safety first
Safety is paramount in the design of the Billi Eco dispenser. With its heatinsulated body and concealed childproof safety-switch, you can be sure of a high level of user protection. Billi’s Splash Free boiling water delivery means that flow is electronically varied, slowing momentarily to eliminate splashing as the water first enters your cup.

Energy efficient 
There is no need to compromise your lifestyle to lessen your carbon footprint. With the highly energy-efficient Billi Eco, you can reduce your environmental impact and save on power bills. Eco has 3 power saving options one of which is the new Eco Intelligence software allows the Eco to operate only when required. Not only that, the system monitors your daily usage patterns and even recognises evening and weekend changes in routine to effectively minimise your energy consumption. Or if you prefer, you can select an energy-saving standby mode that will activate after a preset period of non-use.

High performance insulation 
Superior insulation is critical to the sustainability performance of any integrated boiling system. Designed with environmental factors in mind, the Billi Eco utilises Billi’s unique Thermostore technology and sophisticated insulating materials to operate at a level of efficiency that exceeds 50 times that of traditional hot water tanks.

Because it generates far less heat than other filtered water systems, the Billi Eco does not require cupboard ventilation or an external cooling fan. Instead, its design incorporates a unique air cooling system that further enhances energy efficiency and removes the need for cabinet alterations.

For warranty, certifications and specs please click specifications above.

Installation option:

*Installation is available in the Sydney metro region ONLY . If you are located out of the Sydney metro region or interstate we can supply details of a local plumber/installer after purchasing your filter system. Price above is for a standard installation within the Sydney Metro Area with water supply within 1.5m of installation point and tap/faucet installed on a laminate/wooden bench top or in a stainless steel sink. Non standard installations will incur an extra fee.

(Please Note: NON Standard Installations will incur an extra fee of $65.00 + any parts/fittings required - Granite, marble and/or stone benchtops will incur an additional fee of $45.00)

**Filter replacement service/maintenance is available in the Sydney metro region ONLY.

Save on space 
With a focus on space-saving, the compact Billi Eco has been designed to simply integrate into any storage module design. By far the smallest unit on the market, it fits easily within a standard cupboard compartment and allows you to make the most of the available area.

Flexible font positioning
Combining design flexibility with supreme functionality, the Billi Font can be easily installed wherever you choose, whether in the sink area or elsewhere – maximising the way you utilise your space. And with its classic simplicity, the Billi Font will coordinate with your other design features and appliances.

Functional style
You will find the elegantly styled and ergonomically designed Billi dispenser a pleasure to use. Colour-coded levers are position-sensitive, allowing control of boiling water flow rate. You simply press a lever for a single cup or lift for continuous flow. A swivel action allows you to swing the dispenser out of the way if you need more sink space. Cast from solid metal alloy, the dispenser is designed to withstand the rigours of high-use environments.

Easy-change replacement filter 
Replacing the Billi Eco filter cartridge is simple. Flashing amber dispenser icons indicate when replacement is due. The swing-change filter simply swings forward and slides off. Fitting the new filter is just as easy – simply slide the filter in and swing it back. The cartridge locks into place.


All components of the Billi Eco are covered by a 12-month warranty. Filter cartridges are a consumable and are not covered by warranty, as water conditions and usage vary.

Every Billi drinking water appliance is manufactured under a certified quality control system. The Billi Eco has been tested and complies with all required standards, including: Watermark Licence Number 21525; tested to AS3498 and AS/NZS4020; AS/NZS ISO 9002 Certificate Number QEC 11627; C-Tick approved; complies with AS1428 requirements for access for the disabled.


Model       Eco
Suggested no. of persons       10
Boiling water delivery (cups per hour)       60
Chilled water delivery (cups per hour)       60
Hot litres/hr       n/a
50 degree hot water capacity       n/a
Heating element (kW)       1.5
Current draw (Amps)       10
Height (mm)       340
Width (mm)       180
Depth water cooled (mm)         n/a
Depth air cooled (mm)       500


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  • Model: 901000
  • Shipping Weight: 25kilos
  • Manufactured by: Billi

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