HydROtwist 2.4L Under Sink Instant Hot Ambient Water Dispenser

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HydROtwist under sink instant hot and ambient water dispenser HTA2000 with a premium water filter system, complete with a designer dual dispenser faucet/tap that dispenses both instant hot & ambient filtered water.

This is a premium alternative to the Insinkerator HC1100 & GN1100 because it comes with a choice of different filter systems and comes with a standard 2 year ^warranty.

Product features:

Energy-efficient: Consumes less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb

Green Material: Thermal insulation meets the UL94 standard

Prevents Empty Burnout: Automated heater protection

Innovation: SUS304 Ring type heater larger heating area, faster heat conduction, more power-efficient and longer running life.

New Innovation: Self-priming expansion chamber

Design: Newly designed model greatly reduces dripping (the flaw of traditional instant hot water dispensers.)

Product Specifications:

Instant hot/ambient under sink water dispenser that supplies hot and ambient filtered water instantly.

Patented Self-priming expansion chamber that absorbs the steam for re-usage. This new design greatly reduces dripping (the flaw of traditional instant hot water systems.) Due to the high temperature of water during heating, the tank is under pressure. The self-priming expansion chamber can decrease pressure,thus preventing, dripping and leaking.

Automated Heater Protection. When there's no water left in the tank, the self re-setting thermal fuse protects the product from dry boiling and dry start up.

SUS316L Ring Type Heater is more advanced than traditional U-shaped heaters. It's relatively more hygienic and durable. The heat conduction area of a ring type heater is twice as large as traditional U-shaped heaters. It has features of faster heat conduction, more power-efficient, and a much longer life span.

A large 2.4 litre stainless steel tank supplies 60 cups per hour. The inner tank is secured with clamps allowing it to be easily removed and cleaned. The tank is made of ST304 SS, built in integral body. There are no weld joints or seams on the tank, therefore leaks are unlikely to occur.

Dimensions HTA2000 Tank: W20cm x D23cm x H30cm

This instant hot water dispenser will provide filtered instant hot water and can be set between 60 and 93 degrees celsius.

Water Filter System Options:

This unit comes standard with a single HydROtwist quick change 5 micron granular activated carbon filter and you have the option of upgrading to a single premium quick change 1 micron water filter system or a twin premium scale reduction 1 micron water filter system that will provide better tasting water and prevent lime scale build up within the system. Choice of the folllowing filter options available:

HydROtwist premium single quick change 5 micron granular activated carbon (Included as the standard filter)

HydROtwist premium single quick change 1 micron carbon block

HydROtwist premium twin quick change with 5 micron GAC/PHO scale reduction pre filter & 1 micron carbon block post filter

The instant Hot & Chilled water dispenser comes complete and ready to install.

The instant hot & cool instant water dispenser comes complete and ready to install.

Kit Includes: 1/2" Connection Kit with ball valve and pressure limiting valve (PLV), stainless steel tank with tubing, fittings, designer dual dispenser faucet/tap, choice of water filter system and a 2 year ^warranty.

Comes complete ready to install.

**This is only to be used as a guide. Water filters should be installed by a professional.

^Warranty will be void if water filter cartridges are not replaced as per the specified time period by the manufacturer.


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Date added: 08/04/2012

After days of research for undersink boiling water and reading countless reviews of all the major brands i decided to choose the hydrotwist hta2000 mainly based on the fact that the internal tank in this unit was one peice where as other units where two peices which caused issues down the track.

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Date added: 06/01/2013

Good Replacement for the Insinkerator
Purchased this to replace a leaking ISE HC1100 i must say i was impressed tap looks the same but a cheaper price!

  • Model: HTA2000
  • Shipping Weight: 10kilos
  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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