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On Tap Screw On Filter

On tap screw on water filter systems also know as Countertop Faucet Filters are the ultimate in convenience and ease of use. They all come with multi-fit universal adaptors to suit almost all taps on the market. Suitable if you rent or wish to move in the near future or to avoid drilling holes in your sink. On tap water filters eliminate the metallic, chlorinated taste and provide natural, untainted water, some on tap water filters have convenient and sophisticated measuring device like cartridge life, flow meter's, countdown cartridge life timer and other handy measurements at a glance. We stock a wide range of the worlds leading brands including Cleansui, Brita & Instapure. We stock the following Cleansui models; CB013E (7+2), CSP601E (13+2) both of these models feature Hollow Fiber Membranes removing substantially more contaminants than most products available. Cleansui is Japans leading water filtration brand under the brand Mitsubishi Rayon. All systems are Made in Japan. In the Brita Filtration Systems On Tap range we stock the White & Chrome models, These systems remove basic contaminants. Replacement filters available in single & twin packs to save money, Brita On Tap systems are readily available and currently the most common system available. While in the Instapure Range of On Tap products we stock the following models; F2 Essentials in chrome & white, F5 Complete in Chrome & White & the F8 Ultra in Chrome & White, Each features more contaminant reduction than the first with the F2 Essentials removing the basic contaminants like chlorine, taste & odour, The F5 Complete removing chlorine, taste & Odour, Some Heavy Metals & Cysts and the F8 Ultra removing almost all contaminants in your water such as chlorine, Taste & Odour, Heavy Metals, Giardia Cysts, Mercury, Turbidity, VOC’s and Particulates (Class I). If you are unsure which system suits you better or need assistance installing on tap systems please contact us. Visit the Tru Water University for reviews, installation instructions and troubleshooting guides.

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