Cleansui Faucet On Tap Water Filter Purifier LCD (13+2) CSP601E

  • Model: CSP601E
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  • Manufactured by: Mitsubishi Cleansui

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Cleansui Faucet-Mounted Premium On Tap Water Filter Purifier LCD (13+2) CSP601E

Super High Grade Filter (13+2 Substances Removed)
Replacement cartridge number: HGC9E-S
Lustrous silver faucet-mounted filtration unit with LCD display

Space Saving: Compact design connects directly to tap/faucet
User-friendly 3-choice lever: allows selection of streaming tap water, shower tap water or filtered water
Cartridge check window: see through panel on cartridge allows for easy checking of stain levels
LCD Panel: Animated, innovative LCD panel provides numeric countdown of cartridge life, flow rate monitor amd battery life indicator
Model No: CSP601E
Size (mm) W x D x H: 124 x 132 x 79
Weight (when filled with water): 310g (430g)
Initial Water Flow: 1.6 litres/minute
Filtration Performance/Cartridge Replacement Life:
Free residual chlorine: 900 litres
Turbidity (rust, bacteria etc): 900 litres
Trihalomethanes: 900 litres
Chloroform: 900 litres
Bromodichloromethane: 900 litres
Dibromochloromethane: 900 litres
Bromoform: 900 litres
Soluble Lead: 900 litres
CAT (chemicals, pesticides): 900 litres
2-MIB (moulds): 900 litres
Tetrachloroethylene: 900 litres
Trichloroethylene: 900 litres
1,1,1- trichloroethane: 900 litres

Cleansui Super High Grade Filter 13 + 2

Cartridge Filtration Performance: 13+2 Substances Removed- Super High Grade Filter
Cartridge replacement notification function: Digital Reminder
Replacement Cartridge: HGC9E-S

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