HydROtwist Steam Purifier Distiller White With Plastic Bottle

  • Model: HTSDW
  • Shipping Weight: 6kilos
  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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HydROtwist HTSDW Steam Distiller White
Perfect for making sterilised water for autoclaves.

As used by hundreds of dentists, vets and medical facilities in NZ and Australia.

This HydROtwist HTSDW steam distiller includes one high grade polycarbonate collection bottle and 12 x carbon sachets.

- Portable unit - no installation required
- Stainless steel underlid 
- Stainless steel boiling chamber
- Stainless steel cooling coil
- Automatic shutoff at end of cycle
- One 4 litre plastic collection bottle.


- Distillation Time: Makes approx 1L per hour
- Purity Rating: Total Removal
- Carbon filter life: Lasts 30 Days max. Comes with 12 x filters.
- Electrical Cost: Approximately 13 cents per litre
- Power: 750W
- Warranty: 12 months parts & labour warranty
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