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Only 0.5% of the worlds water resources are available to provide for the freshwater needs of our planets ecosystem and population. Water is not distributed evenly around the globe. Less than 10 countries possess 60% of the worlds available freshwater supply.


The Doulton brand has been operating since the early 1800's initially producing English china and other fine ceramics. Around 1827 Doulton expanded their range to include a number of industrial applications before public awareness of the dangers of polluted water from the Thames in London led them to start making water filter cases packed with carbon powder and in 1835 Queen Victoria commissioned the company to produce water purifiers for the Royal household. Since then the Doulton brand has gone from strength to strength continuing to research advanced technologies to improve their range of water filters. Here at Tru Water we stock a wide range of replacement filters for Doultons range of water filtration systems.

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