Adjustable Plastic Water Filter Aquarium Float Valve

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If you've got any type of liquid storage container, control your fluid levels and prevent overflows and floods with this all-plastic adjustable float valve.

Small and easy-to-install, this valve has no metal parts which makes it ideal for use in water and other liquid containers as it won't rust or corrode.

Perfect for portable or aquarium reverse osmosis systems, top up systems and will suit 1/4" Plastic tubing.


100% plastic - performance won't be affected by? rusting or corrosion

Compact, light and easy-to-install

Swivel neck for optimum positioning

Prevent overflow and flooding in your liquid storage containers now!

The adjustable plastic float valve is brand new and unused

Inner thread: 10mm [0.4"]

Temperature range: -20 ~ 75

Pressure range: 0.01 ~ 0.4Mpa

Material: plastic

Colour: white

Valve dimensions [height x diameter]: 80 x 44mm [3 x 1.7"]

Weight: 89g

Will fit 1/4" Plastic Tubing

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