Leak Controller LS-14 Water Alarm & Shut-off System

  • Model: LS-14
  • Shipping Weight: 1kilos
  • Manufactured by: Tru Water Filters

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Leak Controller is a specialized, very affordable water alarm and shut-off system. Battery operated and fitted with a quick-connector water ball valve, We provide a system that is very easy to install and operate.

Upon sensing moisture, Leak Controller will engage the shut-off valve and sound an alarm. The water source is cut off, stopping the leak while the alarm continues to sound until the valve is manually reset. By preventing continuous water flow, mold and property damage is restricted and user liability is reduced. 

Save a flood inside the house. Prevent costly water damage. Automatically shut off the water to leaking Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Coolers, Refrigerators, Ice Makers and Coffee Machines. Alarm flashes and beeps to notify you to the system shut down. Very simple to install and use. Brilliant design. Simply place the sensor (Similar in size to a small computer mouse) where water will collect below the system. Cut the incoming 1/4" water tube and insert each end into the easy to use John Guest quick connectors on the controller. When the sensor gets wet it shuts off the incoming water at the controller. Reset the sensor by wiping it dry. It even comes with a built in filter change reminder. Set it to beep and flash after 6, 12 or 18 months, when it is time for a filter change or scheduled maintenance. LCS-14 with 4-1/2' cord that connects the sensor. The Leak Controller is a great way to control costly leaks.

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