Digiflow 8000T Digital Flow Meter 3/8" NPT Female

  • Model: DIGIFLOW8000T
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  • Manufactured by: Digiflow

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Suitable for water filters and water coolers

- Programmable monitoring volume and time up to 99500 liters and 720 days

- LCD display and battery operated

- 3/8” NPT connection

- 1.5 – 14.1 liter/min.

Detailed Description:

The digiflow combines the microprocessor control board and the paddlewheel / turbine flow sensor, to provide exact measurement and control of waer flow rate and volume. The filter monitors applied on the water filter/coolers, helps to measure water dispensed and monitor filter life to assure the functionality.

Digiflow 8000T will also act to provide flow rate indication.

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