Auto Shut Off Valve T2000 1/8" Female Thread Reverse Osmosis

  • Model: T2000
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  • Manufactured by: Tru Water Filters

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Automatic shutoff valve for reverse osmosis systems.

Model Number: T2000

This Shut off valve is suitable for replacement of worn out parts.

Auto Shut Off Valve set to trigger at 90 percent - System automatically shuts off when the tank pressure reaches 90% of the incoming line pressure.

ASO ASV Comes with 1/8" Female Thread

Made for use with systems that have a pressure booster pump such as a permeate pump.

Adding a pump to a system with a standard auto shut off valve works fine. But changing the auto shut off valve to one that triggers at 90 percent of incoming line pressure will increase the holding capacity of the tank and provide a faster flow rate when dispensing water.

Increases flow and pressure

Increases storage tank capacity

Improves water quality

Extends membrane and diaphragm life

Reduces TDS creep

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