Leak Stop 1/4" Quick Connect - Leak Detector

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  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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Protect your property from water damage due to leaking water filter system!

Easy installation on any existing under sink water filtration system or any new system, no battery or electricity required.

Detector should be installed on the floor under any water filtration system. Simply install on the 1/4" tubing after the pressure limiting valve from your water supply, the detector has 1/4" quick connect push in tube fittings inbuilt.

Once the string has been exposed to a leak and has been activated the detector must be replaced. The water supply can be turned back on after the leak has been fixed, by removing the cover and turning on the shut off tap but the whole detector must be replaced to protect from any future leaks.

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Leak Stop 1/4" Quick Connect - Leak Detector

$21.00  (54%) off RRP

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