APEX Filtamate Brass Plastic Pressure Limiting Valve FMBP-350

  • Model: FMBP-350
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  • Manufactured by: Apex Valves

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Apex Filtamate Pressure Limiting Valve - Brass Plastic - FMBP-350


- Inlet: Brass 15mm, 1/2" BSP (female)
- Outlet: Plastic 1/4" John Guest connector
- Length: 107mm
- Flow rate: 15 L/min at 700 kPa [100 P.S.I.] inlet pressure
- Pressure ratio: 10:1 (for every 10 kPa [1.5 P.S.I.] increase in inlet pressure above 1000kPa [150 P.S.I.], the outlet pressure will increase by 1 kPa [0.145 P.S.I.).
- Outlet pressures: 350 kPa [50 P.S.I.]
- Maximum inlet pressure: 2000 kPa [290 P.S.I.]
- Maximum temperature: 60C
- Minimum temperature: 1C


- Installation must be carried out by a Qualified Person.
- All pipe work must be flushed prior to installation.
- Must be protected by a line strainer (integral with FM).
- Do NOT apply heat near valve during installation.
- May be fitted in any orientation.
- Must be fitted downstream of approved isolating valves.

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