4 x Fisher & Paykel 836848 Genuine Cuno 3M Fridge Water Filt

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4 x Genuine Fisher & Paykel Replacement Fridge Filter In Box 836848.

Also replaces the Cuno Amana 67003662 Filter.

The Fisher & Paykel 836848 fridge filter suits all Fisher & Paykel and Amana fridges that take an external filter.

Water Filter models it replaces include: 836848, 836860, R0185011 and 67003662.

Fisher & Paykel recommend that fridge filters be replaced every 6 months.

Suitable for all Fisher & Paykel refrigerator models beginning with RF610, RF522, E522, E442, E402.

Including the following models:

E402B, E442B, ES22B & RF90A180DU, RF522ADUX, RF610ADUX1, E442BRXFDU, E442BRMFDU, RF522ADUX4, E522BRXU, RF522AUDX1, E522BRMU, E522BRMFDU, RF610ADUM, RF610ADUX, R0185011, E442BRXFDU, E442BRMFDU, E522BRXU, E522BRMU, E522BRMFDU, E522BRXFDU, RF610ADUM, RF610ADUX, R0185011 and 67003662, E402B, E442B, ES22B, RF90A180DU, HFD647WISS, E442BRXFDU2, E442BRXFDU4, E442BXFDU, E522B, E522BLXFDU3, E522BLXFDU4, E522BRXFDU4, E522BRXU3, E522BRXU4, E522BXFDU, E522BXU, RF90A180DU, RF522WDLUX1, RF522WDLUX4, RF522WDRUX1, RF522WDRUX4, RF610ADUSX4, RF610ADUX2, XFDU, XFDU2, RF522ADUSX4, RF610ADUX3, E522BLXU3, E522BRXFDU3, E402B, E442B, ES22B, RF90A180DU, E442BRXFDU, E442BRMFDU, E522BRXU, E522BRMU, E522BRMFDU, RF610ADUM, RF610ADUX, R0185011, 67003662, RF610, E522, E442, E402, RF522AUDX1, RF610ADUX3, 24199A, RF610ADUSX5, RF522WDLUX5, RF522WDRUX5, E522BRXFDU5, RF522ADUSX5, E442BRXFDU5, E442BRXFDU3.

Reduces the following contaminants:

- 99% of lead
- 99% of Mercury
- 99% of Cysts
- 97% of Chlorine
- Rust
- Sand
- Dirt
- Sediment

Fisher & Paykel Fridge Water Filter 836848 Specifications:

- Maximum flow rate: 2.95 Lpm
- Service life: 6 Months or 750 gallons (2839 Litres).
- Maximum operating pressure: 120 psi (172 kPa)
- Minimum operating pressure: 25 psi (172kPa)
- Operating Temp: 0.6 deg C - 38 deg C (33 - 100 F)
- Dimensions: 200mm x 62mm

Total of 4 Filters No Shelf Life.

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  • Model: 836848-4
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1kilos
  • Manufactured by: Fisher Paykel

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