John Guest UK Tube Cutters Blue Genuine - Water Filter Tube

  • Model: JGTUBECUT
  • Shipping Weight: 2kilos
  • Manufactured by: John Guest

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JG Pipe Cutter suitable for the cutting of JG Speedfit barrier pipe up to a 22mm Diameter.
Cuts Speedfit Barrier Pipe, Nlyon Pipe, Plastic Hose, Rubber Hose.
The unique V-point blade pierces hard or soft plastic tubing.
The blade then slices through to give a clean, easy cut with virtually no tube deformation. One squeeze does the job. Ergonomically designed handles.


Ideal for Murlok and JOHN GUEST pipe.


Hand held
Cut up to 22 mm plastic pipe
Clean cutting
Caution advised during use


All products from Caravans Plus come with a guarantee. This one comes with a 12 months manufacturer's warranty.

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We have been selling this product for just a short time. We try to keep a few of these on our shelves for quick delivery. If you order more than the 9 we have in stock, the delay is around 2 days to get more.

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