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Replacement Water Filters

You are viewing our range of quality replacement water filter cartridges and media for your home or office water filter system. We carry a large range of replacement water filter cartridges including brands such as HydROtwist, Omnipure, Doulton (Fairey Ceramics), ISE Insinkerator, Brita, Aqua-Pure, 3M, Cuno, ZIP, Billi, Katadyn, Matrikx, Multi-Pure, Aqua-Pure, Dow, Hydrotech, Filmtec, Pentek, Sprite Shower Filters, Aquaport and many more. We also stock a large range of replacement fridge filters with nearly all major refrigerator brands. Please view our current products below and if you require any assistance please contact us. With the current growing concern over the importance of clean water, different types of purifications systems have been developed. When you shop around for a unit, you will notice that many will give you the option to have the water filter cartridge replaced. Over time, the system can get clogged and lose its ability to effectively purify the water you drink. Hence, the use of replacement filters guarantees the freshness and purity of the water that you and your family consumes. Replacement filters are available for various types of water filter systems and they also come in different varieties. There are tell-tale signs that a water filter replacement is needed. For instance, when you experience drastic changes in water temperature when you take a shower; when your skin becomes drier or your hair seems a bit off colour; when your laundry does not smell as good or appears as white as they used to; or your faucet's water flow is losing pressure or flowing less. When you notice any of these, then it is about time to purchase replacement filters. When you shop for replacement filters, make sure you do your research and determine the appropriate filter for the contaminants in your area. Find the best filters available from reputable suppliers and get a reasonable price. When installing the replacement filter, carefully follow the instructions in the manual you received when you first bought the unit. It would be great if you can have the water tested after installation so you can guarantee that the impurities have been removed. Always remember that your work does not end after installing the replacement filter, they also need routine maintenance and the water filter cartridges have to be replaced on a regular basis. You must also be cognizant of the lifespan of your water filter cartridges and exactly how often they need to be replaced. Note that the frequency of use and environmental factors can affect the replacement time frame as suggested by the manufacturer. Finally, make sure you purchase the correct replacement filters for your model. If you are unsure of what water filter you have please contact us and we will advise you on what suitable for your water filter system.

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