Doulton Twin Counter Top Replacement Filter Set TWINDOULTON

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Doulton Twin Counter Top Replacement Filter Set TWINDOULTON

Comes with the Doulton Imperial Sterasyl Pre Filter and Omnipure Carbon Block Post Filter

Stage 1 - Doulton Imperial Ceramic 0.2 (Nominal) Micron Pre Filter (STERASYL10)

Doulton Ceramic Filters have provided microbiologically safe drinking water around the world for over 100 years. As the first stage filter cartridge in the Twin Counter Top System, the Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Cartridge has two important functions:?

1. Mechanically filters out harmful bacteria and parasites such as Ecoli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium as well as dirt, rust and sediment.?

2. Removing the above contaminants protects the Carbon Block cartridge allowing it to function more effectively and last longer. Unlike standard disposable Sediment Filters, the Doulton Ceramic can be scrubbed clean as needed.

Scour-Clean Cartridge:

If the flow rate slows, the Doulton Sterasyl ceramic cartridge can be cleaned easily with a quality scrubing pad such as Scotch Brite™ under running water. Cleaning frequency will vary depending upon water quality.

Stage 2 - Carbon Block 1 Micron Post Filter (OMB934)

The Doulton Twin Counter Top combines Ultra-fine ceramic technology with a premium one micron carbon block filter manufactured in USA.

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