Matrikx + 5 Coconut (CMX-5) Water Filter 2 Micron 10"

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The Matrikx +5 filter is made from coconut shell carbon, which creates what many believe to be sweeter tasting water. Because of the unique pore structure of this carbon, it is well-suited for chemical adsorption, including VOCs, and chlorine taste and odor. MATRIKX® + 5 filters provide 2 micron filtration and extended life as a fine sediment filter. 
- 2 Micron Nominal Filtration 
- Chlorine, Taste & Odour Reduction: 6000 gallons @ 0.75 GPM 
- High Chemical Adsorptive Capacity
- High VOC and TOC Reduction
- High Turbidity Reduction
- Performance Tested and Verified by Independent Laboratory Testing.

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  • Model: 02-250-125-975
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kilos
  • Manufactured by: KX Matrikx

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