Doulton RIO 2000 Ceramic Multi Candle Filter Whole House Big 10"

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The Doulton Rio 2000 multi candle filter module is a unique 6 element compact, high-flow fitration module specificly designed for use in home and rainwater tanks that require high percentage sediment and bacterial removal.

The individual ceramic candles can be washed and reused as the candles become blocked.

Rio 2000 ceramic candles are manufactured in the UK under strict ISO conditions to meet NSF requirements.

- High Efficiency Filter ?
99.99% removal of bacteria, cyst and particles.

- Long Life / Value for Money ?
Cleanable filter surface for prolonged life.

- Anti-bacterial Action
Proprietary system to prevent bacterial growth.
No boiling required.

- Retains Essential Minerials
Keeps the mineral beneficial to health .

- No Power Required
Cost effective to run. Protects without power.

- High Flow
High surface area gives water flow.

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  • Model: W9381000
  • Manufactured by: Doulton

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