Doulton Sterasyl Superblock Compatible Water Filter Set 9"

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HydROtwist Premium 9” (228mm) Replacement Ceramic Water Filter Set

- Compatible replacement filter set  
Suitable replacements for the Doulton Twin 9" Omnipure Superblock and Sterasyl Filter Systems.
- 100% Cleanable/Washable with a Scoth Brite or Nail Brush
- 0.2 Micron Pre Filter
- Lasts approx 2 years when regularly cleaned as above
- Made From 100% Keilsguhr/diatomite ceramic
Fits all non standard 9" Housings Excellent replacement for a standard polyspun (PP) sediment pre filter.
- 0.2/0.9 Micron Rating
- Reduces sediments, dirt, rust, cryptosporidium, Giardia, Bacteria and more.
- Flow rate of 3/L per minute (MAX)
- Filtration Performance >99.99999%
- Replace every 12-24 Months
The HydROtwist Superior 1 Micron Carbon block is suitable for the reduction of chlorine. taste, unpleasant smells and some chemicals.
Made from 100% Cocconut Carbon
This replacement water filter cartridge is suitable for:
- Water Heaters and Coolers
- Residential and Commercial Water Filter Systems
- Pre and Post Reverse Osmosis Filtration
- 1 Micron Rating
- Chlorine, Metals, colour, Taste and Odour Reduction
- Suits 9" Non Standard Housings 
- Compatible with Water Shop 9" Doulton Superblock Twin Water Filter System

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  • Model: DSOMBRFS-9-HT
  • Shipping Weight: 1kilos
  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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