Aquaport AQP-FCR-AO2 Compatible Double Anti-Oxidant Filter Pack

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Copatible Double Anti-oxidant filter pack AQP-FCR-AO2

Description: Compatible Filter replacement for jugs, Aquaport TTX water coolers, and Aquaport filter bottle. Filters reduce chlorine, bad taste & odour, heavey metals such as lead & copper, as well as providing an Anti Oxidant effect.
Features and Benefits:

- Reduces chlorine, taste & odours
- Reduces heavy metals - lead & copper
- Filter provides water with an Anti-Oxidant effect
- Filter life 2 months (150L filtered water = 10x 15L spring water bottles or 250x 600ml bottles)
- Compatible with all Aquaport Filter TTX products
Performance: 150 litres or 2 Months per cartridge
Major Components: Granular Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Resin, Anti Oxidant material Composition, * which ever occurs first

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  • Model: AQP-FCR-AO2-HT
  • Shipping Weight: 1kilos
  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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