3 x Brita Maxtra Compatible Alkaline PH Water Filter Upgrade

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HydROtwist Brita Mavea Maxtra Compatible Alkaline Alkaliser Water Filter Jug Replacments.

Increases your PH to between 8.5-10 making your exisitng brita maxtra jug alkaline water.

Simly replace your current Brita Maxtra filters to enjoy alkalised water at home.

Premium compatible replacement filters to suit all jugs and systems that uses the maxtra.

Features Premium 4 stage of filtration:
- Mechanical particle filter
- Ion Exchange Resin to reduce limescale
- Carbon filter to remove chlorine/taste/odours
- Fine mesh filter to prevent particle release
- Increases your waters PH level
- Gives crystal clear water for hot and cold drinks
- Lasts 30 days or 150 Litres* - this pack is enough for up to 1-3 months
This new maxtra alkaliser compatible cartridge, meets industry standards and has been independently tested in accordance to WQA guidelines to ensure it meets the NSF42 and 53 testing standards.
This product will fit and replace all Brita (TM) jugs, kettles and water coolers, as well as fridges which use Brita filtration technology, and the current models of BWT L0814534, Laica Bi-Flux, Breville BWC200 and Bosch Tassimo, which also use this style of filter.

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  • Model: MAXTRA-ALK-HT-3
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kilos
  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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