4 x HydROtwist AP8112-CP-C 1 Micron Aqua-pure AP8112-CP

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4 x HydROtwist AP8112-CP-C is a 1 Micron Absolute 8" cartridge and is compatible with the Aqua Pure AP8112-CP.
Cyst reduction filter
This cartridge fits Aqua-Pure Cuno 3M AP8000 system series and replaces AP8112-CP  with the addition of removing heavy metals.

This filter reduces sediment, chemicals, chlorine, metals and giardia cysts.
This filter is also compatible with bevguard water filters.
Service Life: 12 months / 6000 Litres whichever comes first.
Made in USA

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  • Model: AP8112-CP-C-4
  • Shipping Weight: 3kilos
  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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