OmniFilter RS1-DS Pleated Sediment Whole House Water Filters 10"

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The OmniFilter RS1-DS is the correct replacement sediment filter for the following filtration systems:
OmniFilter whole house models (except the BF7)
The OmniFilter RS1-DS 2 Pack Pleated Paper Water Filters reduces dirt, sand, sediment, and rust particles in your water. 
OmniFilter RS1 water filter can be used in Omni whole house models, except for the BF7, and also replaces the Whirlpool WHCF-WHPL, WHKF-WHPL and Keystone 210. The RS1 filter includes two cartridges per pack and has a filter life of 30,000 gallons. 
OmniFilter RS1-DS 2 Pack Pleated Paper Filters specifications:
- Micron Rating - 20
- Dimensions - 9.75 inches X 2.5 inches 
- Filter Life - 15,000 Gallons/56,800 Litres or 3 months
- Flow Rate - 5 gallons per minute
- Includes two pleated water filters
This product was known previously as model numbers RS1-DS12-01 and RS1-DS-12-02 and is now known by model number RS1-DS12-05.

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  • Model: RS1-DS
  • Shipping Weight: 1kilos
  • Manufactured by: OmniFilters

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