Omnipure ELF Carbon Block 1 Micron 15" ELFXL-1M

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Omnipure ELF Series (Extra Large Format) 15" Carbon Block 1 Micron

The ELF-Series from Omnipure. Cost-effective, point-of-use water filtration for high volume applications.

Suitable For: The ELF-Series of filters from Omnipure was designed specifically for the higher volume requirements for the food service industry. In contrast to what the name implies, the new ELF's (Extra-Large Format) capacity of over 20,000 gallons (56,700 litres) and flow rates of up to  7.5 litres/minute, make it ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and vending machines.

This Filter Replaces: Boema XQS-20, the WFS QC3323P (Water Filter Services) Extra Large Maxiflow Filter, QC CoffeePro cartridge & CD200ctg for CD20 & CD30 System. Also suits ICE series including ICE1005 & ICE2105, Grant FF1.5 - FF15, Grant FF1.2E-FF3E.

About the Omnipure ELFXL-1M The ELF-Series is engineered in a two-piece configuration with a permanent head and a bayonet style replaceable polypropylene body. This configuration helps to reduce cost as simple body replacement is cheaper than replacing the entire filter apparatus. Replacement is fast and easy. The body is quickly detached from the head with the twist of a wrist, no tool required.

All Omnipure filter bodies are made with virgin, high-impact polypropylene which is especially ideal for use in applications where sanitary conditions are required. All materials of construction are NSF and/or FDA approved.

Filter Life: Maximum 6-month service life

Technical Specifications: Engineered and manufactured to the same exacting standards as all Omnipure filters, the ELF-Series' expanded volume and higher flow rates are ideal for commercial applications such as equipment protection and water polishing. Each filter series is tested with a maximum pressure of 125 psi and a maximum temperature of 38 C.

Features and Benefits of the ELF-Series

Better tasting water
Protect equipment from hard water
Lead & cyst specific media available
Large - 8cm wide x 44.5cm length (3." x 15")
Capacities of up to 56,700 litres
Flow rates of up to 7.5 litres/min.
Two-piece bayonet-style replaceable body and permanent head
Best cost-to-performance ratio in the industry

Carbon Block 1 Micron


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  • Model: ELFXL-1M
  • Shipping Weight: 1kilos
  • Manufactured by: Omnipure USA


Omnipure ELF-1M ELF-Series Water Filter 1 Micron

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