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In 60% of the European cities with more than 100,000 people, groundwater is being used much faster than it can be replenished. At the same time, aging water networks systems waste more than 40% of water supply through leaks and cracks.

Q-Series 8 Inch

We stock a full range of Premium USA Omnipure Replacement Q Series 8 Inch Water Filters. The Q-Series is the ultimate “user friendly” inline filter on the market. Replacement of the spent media bed is completed , in a matter of seconds, by detaching the filter body from a permanent head with a twist of the wrist. The new filter body is just as easily threaded into the head, and the replacement is then complete. You are viewing our range of Omnipure Q-Series 8" x 2.5" replacement water filters.

Omnipure Q-Series Q5485 Phosphate Quick Change 8"

$35.00  (35%) off RRP

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