Seagull IV X-1F RS-1SG Compatible Replacement Water Filter

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HydROtwist Seagull Compatible Replacement Water Filter to suit RS-1SG

The HydROtwist seagull filters are made of eco-friendly structured coconut shell carbon block filter media and are a premium replacement suitable for the Seagull IV RS-1SG or RW-1SGH.

Contaminants Reduced:
- Sediment, Dirt, and Rust
- Chlorine Taste and Odour
- Cryptosporidium
- Cyst
- Giardia
- Turbidity
- Lead
- Mercury

Product Specifications:
- Micron Rating (Nominal) 0.5
- Flow Rate 2.8lpm
- Operating Temperature 1C – 62C
- Capacity and Change Frequency 3,800litres/6 to 12 months
- Filter Media Acid rinsed coconut carbon block
Made in USA

The Seagull RS-1SG Compatible filter cartridge is a direct replacement with the Seagull IV X-1, X-1F, X-1B, X-1D, & X-1P Systems.

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  • Model: RS-1SG-HT
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kilos
  • Manufactured by: Seagull

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