Siliphos Polyphosphate Scale Inhibitor Granules Media 25Kg

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Siliphos Polyphosphate is an economical and effective water treatment drug used for protecting drinking water and industrial water system pipline's. The main ingredient is polyphosphate and polysilicate.
It can hinder dirt, antisepticise and improve water quality. Can help with scale and lime scale build up and help protect your pipe work.
Polyphosphates have long been used as an alternative form of hard water treatment. Polyphosphate is a soluble mineral compound which acts as a sequestering agent when added to water. Sequestering is simply the ability or tendency to tie up and hold in solution other minerals such as scale causing calcium and magnesium.  

The polyphosphates form bonds with scale causing minerals which make them more water soluble. Therefore, the hard minerals act soft and remain in solution, as opposed to depositing scale. Polyphosphates also change the morphology (shape) of the scale causing molecules from a cube-like form to a round-like form which does not allow it to cling and prevents it building up on itself.
The quality of the polyphosphate will determine the ability for it to hold scale causing minerals in solution. Higher quality phosphates such as hexametphosphate and Siliphos perform better than orthophosphate which is a lower form of polyphosphate. The higher forms will alter the shape of the scale causing molecules more than orthophosphate will, thus providing better scale prevention. Also as important polyphosphates, when added to water, will form a protective thin glass-like lining on the inner walls of pipes water fed equipment. This protects the pipes or water fed equipment from corrosion due to low pH, high temperature, or dissolved gases in water. 

Polyphosphates also inhibit scale build-up by distorting the used calcite crystal form when CaCO3 precipitates. The scale structure is weak and not as capable to build upon itself. Because polyphosphates are strongly charged, they adsorb on silt particles and help to keep them from settling because the individual particles repel one another.  
Blended phosphates comprise various mixtures of chain polyphosphates and orthophosphate chemicals. The blended of formulations provide both the corrosive-inhibiting properties of the orthophosphate and the sequestering (complexing) ability of the polyphosphate.

This is for a 25kg bag of polyphosphate granules

25kg (25000g) of Polyphosphate equates to approximately 18750ml (18.75 Litres)




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