3 x Heller WF3 Replacement Water Filters WFC5 Cooler

  • Model: WF3
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  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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Heller Compatible Replacment Water Filters will help reduce sediment, chlorine, impurities, taste and odour.

Filters suit digilex water cooler/chiller dispenser and purifier.

It is important that you maintain and replace your filters to ensure better tasting water for you and your family. 

The Heller Replacement water filter is made from Active Carbon which is known for its effiecient absorption of impurities.

Total of 3 replacement filters.

Part # WF3 suit Heller 5L and 8.5L WFC5 Cooler

Dimensions: 175mm (L), 120mm (W), 116mm (H).

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