Easy Fit UF Ultra Fine Membrane Element EziFit Compatible

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  • Manufactured by: Tru Water Filters

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The Tru Water Easy Fit UF Membrane filter is suited to fit all our reverse osmosis, under sink and counter top systems that use 2.5" in line filters.

Changing your filters is easy and quick.

UF is effective for the removal of colloids, proteins, bacteria, viruses, parasites protozoa and pyrogens, (eg, gram-negative bacterial endotoxins), and other organic molecules larger than 01 Micron size The UF Membrane Filter Cartridge is compatible with the Bottleless Water Cooler.

This filter is also compatible with the EziFit systems and any other systems that require inline quick connect filters with a 2.5" diameter.

Hollow Fibre UF Membrane.

Cartridge Life: 12 months*

*Depending on water quality and usage.

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