Hollow Fibre Membrane 10" Suit Pure Pro, Elite Series & ST-H

  • Model: TRU-ST-HF
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  • Manufactured by: TRU

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This is the latest revolution in water filtration. The filter is a  0.01 micron Hollow Fibre Filter - for bacteria / viruses  and cyst removal - making it perfect for tank water, or for travellers who are unsure of their water quality or origin. This filter will suit all Elite Series Systems, Pure Pro Systems and all Quick Change 3 Stage UF Systems.

Easy to replace existing filter or add as a final filter.

The filter alone will not remove chemicals commonly found in town water (such as chlorine) it acts purely to protect you against bacteria/cysts etc. If you wish to remove chlorine and chemicals try a twin system, (such as the NANO Twin), which comes with a carbon filter for chemical removal, and 3 fittings kits for universal applications.

No Bacteria
No Viruses
No Cysts
No Wasted Water (not R/O)
Filters to 0.01 micron at standard drinking water flow rates
Compact and Lightweight - ideal for travellers or where space is limited
Leaves behind valuable minerals

Perfect for campers and caravans.  As a result of drinking water from this filter, you can drink water from any water supply, with confidence that you will not ingest or contract any stomach bugs, bacteria, viruses or cysts. Anyone who has had the misfortune of having any of the above mentioned conditions will vouch for how priceless this system is. Protect your family and avoid costly, time consuming and holiday spoiling doctor's visits.

Expected Water Production:

45 PSI will produce approximately 2 Ltrs/Min
60 PSI will produce approximately 3.5 Ltrs/Min
80 PSI will produce approximately 4 Ltrs/Min

The cartridge uses the new age "Quick Change" technology, meaning that cartridges can be effortlessly lifted away from the frame, twisted and replaced.

*   No need for effort, muscle power, or fiddley tools that will often be lost or broken in your travels.
*   No Housings to clean or burst
*   Neat and Compact. Requires minimal space with no bulky tanks or parts.
*   System is burst tested to 500 psi including fittings and tubing
*   Recommended running pressure not to exceed 120 psi

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