CSM Commercial RE-2521-BE Membrane Element 300GPD Brackish

  • Model: RE2521-BE
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  • Manufactured by: CSM

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RE2521BE Replacement CSM Commercial Brackish Membrane

Permeate flow rate: 300 GPD (1.1m3/day) Nominal salt rejection: 99.7% Effective membrane area: 12 ft2 (1.1 m2)

1. The stated product performance is based on data taken after 30 minutes of operation at the

following test conditions:

2,000 mg/L NaCl solution at 225 psig (1.5 MPa) applied pressure

8% recovery

77 oF (25 oC)

pH 6.5–7.0

2. Minimum salt rejection is 99.4%.

3. Permeate flow rate for each element may vary but will be no more than 10%.

4. All elements are vacuum sealed in a polyethylene bag containing 1.0% SBS (sodium bisulfite) solution

and individually packaged in a cardboard box.

Membrane type: Thin-Film Composite

Membrane material: Polyamide (PA)

Element configuration: Spiral-Wound, FRP Wrapping

High productivity RO membrane element with extended area for brackish water.


Permeate Flow rate : 300GPD

Stabilized Salt Rejection : 99.7 %

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