Premium TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane 100 Gallons Per Day (GPD)

  • Model: HT30-1812-100
  • Shipping Weight: 1kilos
  • Manufactured by: Tru Water Filters

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The HydROtwist 100GPD HT30-1812-100 is a 100 gallon per day drinking water reverse osmosis membrane element.

Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication in the reverese osmosis membrane allow
these elements to deliver consistent performance for all customers.

Our drinking water RO elements are rated at 50 psi and will purify about 20% more water than competitive elements rated at 60 psi.

The membrane has extra fast recovery and high production flow rate.

Will suit all Under Sink RO3000, RO4000, RO5000 Reverse Osmosis Systems and all standard Counter top, bench top reverse osomosis systems.


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