Sprite Original Hand Held Filtered Shower Handle Chrome HH-CM

  • Model: HH-CM
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  • Manufactured by: Sprite Showers

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The Original Chrome Filtered Shower Handle is the world's first shower handle to incorporate advanced filtration technology into a multi-function shower handle.

- Host Mount Shower Handle with Built in Filter 
- 3-way Massaging Spray
- 72" Reinforced Hose
- High Strength Bracket
- Triple Plated Finish
- Reversible Filter Cartridge (Model HHC)
- Cartridge Life Rating: 3 Months

The Sprite Hand Held is a top quality system that solves a couple of problems people often bring up about shower filters.

First, it can serve as a filter for bath water. Just take the detachable head out of its cradle and it becomes a handy tub filler, providing chlorine-free water for baths.

Second, when the filter is in its cradle the head is a few inches higher than that of standard shower filters. Tall people can enjoy a comfortable shower without bending.

The Hand Held also has multiple flow settings, plus ‘Spray’ and ‘Massage’ functions. Simply twist the head to enjoy a different setting.

Sprite’s Hand Held cartridges use the same combination of KDF & Chlorgon filtration media that makes Sprite’s High Output system so effective and popular. Made with high quality plastics, the Hand Held is both a trouble-free and durable performer.

Sprite’s Hand-Held uses a smaller filter cartridge than the High Output and thus cartridges should be changed more frequently. Sprite suggests three-month intervals. New Hand Held units include a filter cartridge already installed. Replacement cartridges are sold only in two packs. Replacement is very simple. The filter handle opens easily and the cartridge slides in.

Cartridge Life: Hand held cartridges are smaller in overall capacity, and Sprite recommends changing hand-held cartridges every three months, although some of our customers use them longer. Cartridges come in inexpensive two-packs. Each two-pack is subject to our volume discount of 10% for two, 15% for three or more.

Filtration Media: KDF and Chlorgon, the same as all Sprite shower filter cartridges. KDF is a patented specialty medium used in most shower filters and in other water filtration applications. Chlorgon is a patented filter medium available only in Sprite shower filters.

Head Height: 9.5 inches (measured from the mounting joint to the top of the shower head).

Hose Length: 72 inches.

Warranty: One year

Suggested Maintenance: The cartridge is reversible. It can be easily rotated to operate in either direction. Although rotating the cartridge is not necessary, and many users don't bother, periodically reversing the cartridge backwashes the cartridge as it is filtering, ensuring balanced filtration, and reduces the possibility of channeling of the filter medium. It can also prolong the life of the cartridge.

Compatible replacement cartridges and systems :

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