Sprite USA Universal Shower Hose Water Filter Chrome

  • Model: SPRITE-HOSE
  • Shipping Weight: 1kilos
  • Manufactured by: Sprite Showers

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Sprite USA Universal Shower Hose Filter High-Output Chrome HHC

The Sprite Universal USA Hose Filter attaches to any existing shower handle to provide a chlorine-free shower for smoother and softer-skin. Easy installation & maintenance.

In Line Hose Filter For Existing Shower

The Sprite Universal Hose Filter features a swivel-ball attachment which allows the filter to adjust to any angle.

Like all Sprite filters the Universal Hose Filter removes or reduces:

- Free Chlorine
- Iron Oxide
- Dirt, Sediment
- Combined Chlorine
- Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Odor)
- pH balances water

Comes with Sprite Chrome Hose Housing and Sprite High Output Hand-Held (HHC) Filter.

Takes reversible filter cartridge HHC which needs to be replaced every three months for optimum performance.

Replacement Cartridge See Compatible Products Tab Above.

Compatible replacement cartridges and systems :

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