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Under Sink Filter Systems

Sustainable Water - Delivering safe, clean and useable water everyday. You are viewing our range of Under Sink Water Filter Systems for your home or office. We have an extensive range of systems including standard single, twin, triple, reverse osmosis and high flow under sink water filter systems. We sell all the premium brands including the Omnipure Q-Series Quick Change Systems, HydROtwist Filter Systems, Cleansui Residential & Commercial Filters, Brita On Line Active Filtered Solutions, Premium Under Sink Systems with Doulton cartridges, Fluoride reduction Filters and Purification Systems to remove all nasty’s found in water. When choosing an Under Sink Filter the most common question asked is which one is right for me? When choosing a filter system its important to consider the following; how much space do I have under my sink and do I want to drill a hole in my sink or bench-top. If you have limited under the sink space then consider the HydROtwist Quick change systems in single or twin models these are both compact and sit neatly under the sink, If space is not an issue then consider the Doulton Twin Under Sink Filter Systems or the Premium HydROtwist Omnipure Reverse Osmosis purifiers in either the HT4000 or HT5000, These are also commonly known as QR04 and QR05 respectively. All systems sold by us include your choice of designer faucet or tap in chrome and stainless steel finishes. If you don’t want to drill a hole in your sink then you have the option of replacing your existing mixer with a three way all in one mixer with standard hot & cold on one side and filtered water on the other side. Our reverse osmosis purifiers also come with the option of Alkaliser’s to increase the PH to an alkaline level and remineralise the water which is essentially stripped through the reverse osmosis process. Whether you don’t like the smell of chlorine in your water or don’t want your body exposed to contaminants found in your water we have the right product for all individual needs. If there is something not listed please or you need assistance choosing the right product let us know.

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