HydROtwist Quick Change Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage Alkaliser QR05

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Featuring state of the art technology in water purification, the HydROtwist 5000 Omnipure QR05 Quick Change Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System offers a compact design, with easy maintenance and hygienic twist-off filtration cartridges. Includes a HydROalk Alkalising Filter to inclrease the PH to an alkalinie level, remineralise and re-energise the water. Of all the methods to purify drinking water for domestic use, the process of reverse osmosis is the most advanced, economical and effective. Years of engineering, field testing and continued design refinement combine to make the HydROtwist QR05 the best in its class.

Hand Built & Factory Tested all our systems come with John Guest Quick Connect/Push Fit Fittings to ensure an even easier DIY Installation.

This is one of the best under sink reverse osmosis units available.

This under sink reverse omsosis water filter system comes with a HydROalk Pi Alkaliser Remineraliser to add the good stuff back into the water.

- Space saving design
- Fits neatly under sink
- Easy Maintenance
- Hygenic Twist off cartridges
- 10 Year Warranty

5 Stage Filtration

- Stage 1 - Sediment / Pre-Filter
Sediment, Dirt, Rust & Sand Reduction
- Stage 2
Carbon Pre-filter
Membrane Protection from Chlorine
- Stage 3
Ultrafine TFC RO Membrane
High Performance 140 Litres per day
Pore Size - 0.0005 Microns
- Stage 4
PI Bio HydROalk
Remineralizes and raises PH level of the water.
- Stage 5
Carbon Polishing Post Filter
Provides superb Tasting Water

The HydROtwist Omnipure QR05 Q-Series Quick Change Reverse Osmosis DIY package comes complete and ready to install with your choice of one of 6 designer faucets, 550kpa Pressure Limiting Valve with Isolation Valve, Drain Clamp, Choice of Storage Tank Small 2.2G or Large 3.2G, John Guest Fittings/Tubing, Installation Instructions, 10 year Warranty and Customer/Technical Support.

The HydROtwist QR05 Quick Change under sink reverse osmosis water filter comes with your choice of designer faucet/tap:

Designer water filter tap faucet range

HydROtwist HT5000 Specifications:

- Filter Output @ 60 Psi: 140 Litres per day

- RO System Dimensions (CM):

- 32(W) x 42(H) x 11(D)

Tank Dimensions (CM):

- 2.2 Gallon - 34(H) x 23(D)
- 3.2 Gallon - 35(H) x 28(D)

- Warranty (Excludes Filters): 10 Years

- Micron Rating: 0.0005 Micron

HydROtwist HT4000 Replacement Filters:

Stage 1 - HydROtwist 5 Micron Sediment Pre Filter: Removes dirt, sediment and sand. This filter should be Replaced every 6 - 12 months depending on water quality and usage.

Stage 2 - HydROtwist Granular Carbon Pre Filter: Protects the Reverse Osmosis membrane from chlorine and further reduces sediment. Replace every 12 months depending on water quality and usage.

Stage 3 - Membrane: The Membrane reduces a high percentage of dissolved inorganics including bacteria, fluoride and chemicals. The Membrane should be replaced every 2 - 3 years depending on water quality and usage.

Stage 4 - Premium HYDROALK alkaliser and remineraliser increases your water's PH level.
This should be replaced every 12 months or when the PH starts to drop.

Stage 5 - HydROtwist Post Carbon Filter: A final carbon polishing process that enhances the flavour and clarifies your drinking water. Replace every 12 months depending on water quality and usage.

The above cartridges will also fit the following water purification systems sold as the Water Shop Omnipure QRO5, PSI quick change RO and much more.

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  • Model: HT5000
  • Shipping Weight: 12kilos
  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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