CeraMetix Ceramic Superblock Twin Under Sink Water Filter System

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CeraMetix Omnipure Premium Twin Under Sink Water Filter System

Hand Built & Factory Tested, Neat and Compact.

The CeraMetix Ceramic Twin Under sink Water Filtration System, can be conveniently installed under the sink and comes with an attractive designer chrome tap. The tap can be easily mounted on your stainless steel sink, or corona or granite bench-top. 

Easy for Handyman to install**.

This system comes complete and assembled with the following:

- Housings, Stainless Steel Bracket and Screws (pre-assembled.)
- Your choice of Designer Chrome Tap.
- John Guest Quick Connect Fitting and Tube.
- Isolation Valve and PLV (Pressure Limiting Valve).
- 1 x CeraMetix AquaMetix Ceramic OBE 0.5 Micron (Absolute) Pre-Filter.
- 1 x Omnipure USA Carbon Block Super Block 1 Micron Post Filter.


CeraMetix AquaMetix Ceramic Pre Filter - 0.5 Micron (Absolute)
Complete Micro Biological Protection

Omnipure Carbon "Superblock" - 1 Micron (Made in USA)
Superior Chemical & Heavy Metal Removal

10 Year Warranty on components

We only use industry standard 10" filters.

Stage 1 - CeraMetix AquaMetix Ceramic 0.5 (Absolute) Micron Pre Filter

The Cerametix filter combines our class leading ceramic micro porous outer shell with our AquaMetix core block technology. The ceramic shell and the AquaMetix block core combines mechanical filtration and physical adsorption processess to reduce a wide variety of drinking water contaminants.

Scour-Clean Cartridge:

If the flow rate slows, the CeraMetix AquaMetix ceramic cartridge can be cleaned easily with a quality scrubbing pad such as Scotch Brite™ under running water. Cleaning frequency will vary depending upon water quality.

Stage 2 - Carbon Block 1 Micron Post Filter

The CeraMetix Twin Under sink combines Ultra-fine ceramic technology with a premium one micron carbon block filter manufactured in USA. The one micron carbon block filter effectively removes chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, unpleasant tastes and odour along with harmful heavy metals. Made from premium coconut-shell carbon, fresher, sweeter tasting water is ensured.

With the CeraMetix AquaMetix Superblock Twin Under sink Filter your family will be guaranteed micro-biologically safe drinking water.

Installation: Read Below* or See our video tutorial above**

Replacement Cartridges: See Specifications Above

*Installation is available in the Sydney metro region ONLY . If you are located out of the Sydney metro region or interstate we can supply details of a local plumber/installer after purchasing your filter system. Price above is for a standard installation within the Sydney Metro Area with water supply within 1.5m of installation point and tap/faucet installed on a laminate/wooden bench top or in a stainless steel sink. Non standard installations will incur an extra fee.

(Please Note: NON Standard Installations will incur an extra fee of $65.00 + any parts/fittings required - Granite, marble and/or stone benchtops will incur an additional fee of $45.00)

**Filter replacement service/maintenance is available in the Sydney metro region ONLY.


Please choose a tap from our range below:

Water Filter Taps and Faucets

Please note that this item comes with a choice of one faucet/tap. Before adding to cart please ensure you select one in the attributes tab above. Don't forget to browse the faucets before you checkout.

For product details, contaminant information and replacement filters to suit this system please click on the specifications tab above.

Under Sink Specifications:

*Filter Output: 5,000 Litres or 12 months.
*Max Flow Rate: up to 3 Litres Per Minute.
*System Dimensions (CM): 32 (H) x 23 (W).
*Warranty: 10 Years.
*Micron Rating: 0.5 Absolute.

CeraMetix AquaMetix Ceramic 0.5m Absoulte Prefilter removes:

99% Chloramine reduction (reduces the combinations of chloramine, monochloramine, and ammonia - 3ppm challenge
99% Chlorine reduction
99% Lead reduction
99% Herbicides and Pesticides reduction
99% Glyphosate reduction
98% Pharmaceutical compounds
98% VOC's reduction
98% Heavy Metals reduction
85% Fluoride reduction - All types - Fluorosilicic acid/hydrofluorosilicate, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride

Omnipure Super Block 1 Micron Post Filter Removes:

Chlorine Aluminium Cadmium
Copper Iron Lead
Mercury Zinc Odour

Filtration Test Results*:

Impurities % Reduction
Escherichia Coli 100.0
Residual Chlorine Content 99.0
Trihalomethanes (THM) % Reduction
Bromodichloromethane 99.5
Bromoform 99.5
Chloroform 99.5
Dibromochloromethane 99.5
Metals % Reduction
Zinc, Iron 99.0
Lead, Manganese, Cadmium 99.9
Copper, Mercury 99.9
Aluminium 99.9


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