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In 60% of the European cities with more than 100,000 people, groundwater is being used much faster than it can be replenished. At the same time, aging water networks systems waste more than 40% of water supply through leaks and cracks.

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Doulton Ceramic Superblock Twin Under Sink Water Filter System

$150.00  (38%) off RRP

I decided on this system mainly because of the washable ceramic pre-filter. A 0.2 um system which removes everything from bacteria on up, that can simply be scrubbed off and re-used once it gets clogged, at a comparable price to single-use 0.5 or 1 um filters. What's not to like?

The system looks robust, and simple to put together (we haven't done so yet, since we'll be installing it in our new house). The tap (the only bit that will be visible once it's installed) appears solid, stylish and well made - incidentally, our order came with a different tap to the one we ordered, but one email later a replacement was in the mail and arrived two days later, no questions asked. That's what I call good service!
Date Added: 11/24/2008 by Tristan I Croll

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