Billi Bubbler Fountain Water Chiller Stainless Steel 60 936060

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Billi Bubbler Chiller provides instant cold drinking water.

Free standing drinking water bubbler that provides chilled drinking water, perfect for public and common areas.
The benefits are as follows:
Superior Hygiene Technology - The bubbler Chiller unit utilises a silver ion based technology for hygienic protection against bacteria.
Robust Stainless Steel External Casing - The Billi Bubbler Chiller has a robust casing that makes it hard wearing and weather-resistant.
Multiple Taps - The bubbler Chiller is supplied with two taps; one a bubbler and the other a glass/bottle filler, ensuring you can either drink on the go or take the time to fill a glass/bottle. Bubbler flow rate is controllable to limit splashing.
Multi Filter Options - Comes complete with your choice of filtration, single 5 micron GAC carbon quick change filter cartridge as standard or with the option of a 1 micron carbon block filter or a twin filter system which utilises a 5 micron GAC and a 1 micron carbon block.
- 60 Cups per hour chilled filtered water.
- 46w Compressor
- 98cm high x 31cm wide x 31cm deep
- Water supply Max Pressure 1000kPa.
- Comprehensive 12 month warranty.
Optional extras:
Premium HydROtwist series quick change water filter system available with your choice of filter cartridge. See options below and choose above.
- HydROtwist quick change 5 micron granular activated carbon (GAC) filter cartridge.
- HydROtwist quick change 1 micron carbon block filter cartridge.
More optional extras:
- Box of 1000 x 200ml paper or plastic cups. Please choose above.
- Cup holders / dispensers to suit 200ml paper or plastic cups available in white / clear or stainless steel. Please choose above
Installation option:
*Installation is available in the Sydney metro region ONLY . If you are located out of the Sydney metro region or interstate we can supply details of a local plumber/installer after purchasing your filter system. Installtion is an addiotnal cost for a standard installation within the Sydney Metro Area with water supply within 1.5m of installation point and tap/faucet installed on a laminate/wooden bench top or in a stainless steel sink (if applicable). Non standard installations will incur an extra fee. Please see drop down options box above for installation pricing
(Please Note: NON Standard Installations will incur an extra fee of $65.00 + any parts/fittings required - Granite, marble and/or stone benchtops will incur an additional fee of $45.00)
**Filter replacement service/maintenance is available in the Sydney metro region ONLY.

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  • Model: 936060
  • Shipping Weight: 30kilos
  • Manufactured by: Billi

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