Aquanet PureCool Compatible Commercial Water Bottle Filter

  • Model: AQUANET
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  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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Aquanet and Purecool compatible replacement filter is a premium, cost effective yet simple gravity fed water filter.  Inside the light plastic housing is a pre-filter, then a layer of Ceramic Matrix Filtration Media, then a layer of Hollow Carbon filtration media - a new technology.
These Features combine to provide you with Bottled Water that's simple, inexpensive, and a major reduction in environmental impact!
Fresh, Great Tasting, Pure, Bottled Drinking Water you made yourself for as little as 7 cents per gallon!
Feel great about how many trucks are NOT burning fuel and spewing filth into the air to deliver you bottled water!
Relax knowing you aren't drinking dangerous BPAs.
No need for extra bottles & bottle racks taking up all that space!
Let's talk Cash!
An average 11-Litre bottle of water costs $7.50.  That’s 0.68c per Litre.  With Tru Water Filters PureCool, you can cut that cost by a whopping 95%* and never run out of healthy, great tasting water!
An office of 10 people would easily use 11 Litres of bottled water per day for drinking water, coffee and tea, and soups.
How much more would you save if you and your co-workers or family used a glass or sport bottle and filled it with tap water Filtered with PureCool instead of buying all those 1/2 liter bottles of water?  One PureCool filters enough pure Drinking Water to fill a minimum of 1060 1/2-liter bottles! 
At $1 a bottle you're looking at $79.00 vs. $1060 plus a huge reduction in environmental impact!  You give up nothing except pollution and wasting fossil fuels.  You gain a cleaner planet and lots of Cash.
Table I Performance:
- Taste, Odor, Chlorine Reduction, Class1 Certified (>75%)
- Particulate Reduction Class V (30-50 micron particulate)
- Lead Reduction: 95% and other heavy metals
- Chloramine Reduction: 98%
- Reduces BPA
- PureCool leaves in calcium, magnesium, and other healthy minerals
Table II Specifications:
- Filter Life: 140 gallons
- Flow Rate: 1,000 cc per minute

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