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How to find the best water filter? 

Once you have recognized the importance of installing a WATER FILTER system to your water supply it is vital to plan and prepare for the selection of the correct unit. Knowing what you are looking for can simplify your research. There are a vast range of WATER FILTERS available depending on your preference.

A wide range of information is available via the internet which can easily help you decide on the best WATER FILTER for your needs. You can easily shop as well on the net and compare the quality and price of the unit you select. This a better way than spending time going from shop to shop.

Choosing the Right Water Filter

There are a wide variety of water filters available on the market. This may be confusing at first but here is some more information on choosing the correct one.


A very easy and quick solution for filtered water. The biggest supplier of Jug water filters is BRITA they come in a variety of models and are usually very easy to set up. Although the replacement filters can be expensive and require changing more frequently.

Counter Top Filters

Counter Top water purifiers or filters are free standing units which you simply connect to your existing kitchen tap or faucet. These units are great for travelling or people who rent.

All our models include a diverter valve which can screw onto most standard kitchen faucets and taps. The diverter allows you to choose whether you need filtered water or tap water by simply turning or pushing the valve.
Reverse Osmosis, Activated Carbon, Carbon Block, Ion Exchange and ceramic water filters are available in counter top form.

Under Sink Filters

Under Sink water purifiers or filters are a convenient alternative to counter top units because they don’t take up unnecessary space on the sink and there are no tubes hanging when connected to the kitchen faucet or tap.

The actual system is usually installed under the sink where its plumbed into the mains water line providing a constant flow of purified water which comes out of a dedicated faucet installed on the kitchen bench or sink.

Under Sink systems are usually substantially larger than counter top systems although in this modern day there are also very compact under sink systems, they provide a more thorough means of filtration and require installation.

Under sink water filters are available in almost all types of media including reverse osmosis, ion exchange and ultra violet filtration.

Whole Hose Systems

Whole House or Point of entry systems provide the entire supply to your home with purified water including showers, kitchen, drinking, laundry and bathrooms. There are several different types of configurations available the best way to choose which whole house water filter is best for you contact us. 

These systems are substantially larger that standard under sink systems and will require a qualified plumber for installation.

Shower Filters

Inhalation and skin absorption of chloroform and chlorine by-products is greatest in the shower, where these gases are vaporised. Good ventilation and a shower filter are worthwhile precautions.

People with sensitive skin and dry hair may notice a marked improvement in these conditions, since chlorine bonds chemically with the protein in the skin and hair causing dryness, itching, and flaking skin.

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