HydROtwist Whole House POE Carbon Fluoride Water Filter Vessel

  • Model: HTF1000
  • Shipping Weight: 50kilos
  • Manufactured by: HydROtwist

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Whole House Point of Entry (POE) Carbon Water Filter System - Fluoride Removal
A first in the industry - Whole house full flow filter system with Fluoride Removal Media (No pressure drop)
The HydROtwist HTF1000 is a true Whole Of House Water Filter And Purification System That Actually Works And Gives Your Family 100% Pure Safe Water From Every Tap In Your House.

The HydROtwist POE Wholehouse Water Filter has been set up To Remove up to 99% Of Fluoride From Town Supplied Water. Whatever Your Water Filtration Needs Are We Can Adjust Our POE Wholehouse Water Filter and Purification Systems To Suit Your Application.
HydROtwist Whole of house filter system provides Pure filtered water from every tap! 
HydROtwist HTF1000 whole-of-house water purification system revolutionises the delivery of pure, drinking water to domestic and commercial properties. HydROtwist’s whole house water filter system can be installed at the point of entry of your municipal water supply to ensure drinking quality water from every tap in every corner of your home or property.
Utilising a unique combination of activated carbon and other filtration technologies, the HTF1000 system effectively removes all organic contaminants from your water supply including chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, Heavy Metals and other potentially carcinogenic impurities.

With a huge 450,000 litre capacity HydROtwist’s filter is also one of the most cost-efficient systems on the market promising a lifespan of up to four years (compared to just months for typical under-sink filters.)
- Main filtration agents include granular coconut activated carbon (GAC) and All Activated Alumina (Fluoride Removal)

- Cartridge Life span 1-4 years Removes particles down to 5 microns.

- Ongoing running costs less than 30c/day.

- Filtration capacity per cartridge of 450,000 litres.

- Accommodates town water pressure up to 150psi or 1034Kpa. After the compulsory pressure reduction valve that should already be fitted by law at the mains connection.

We have found that there is very minimal pressure or flow reduction through these units but our test results were between 31 and 53 LPM depending on the mains pressure.

Easy installation by your own plumber at point of entry of water supply.
Comes complete with chrome sun cover protector - Filled with GAC Granular Activated Carbon and activated Alumina to reduce fluoride, 1” BSP Standard Thread - Inlet and Outlet

These are made to order and require time to be tested.

*Installation is available in the Sydney metro region ONLY . If you are located out of the Sydney metro region or interstate we can supply details of a local plumber/installer after purchasing your filter system. Price above is for a standard installation within the Sydney Metro Area with water supply within 1.5m of installation point and tap/faucet installed on a laminate/wooden bench top or in a stainless steel sink. Non standard installations will incur an extra fee.

(Please Note: NON Standard Installations will incur an extra fee of $65.00 + any parts/fittings required - Granite, marble and/or stone benchtops will incur an additional fee of $45.00)

**Filter replacement service/maintenance is available in the Sydney metro region ONLY.

**This is only to be used as a guide. Water filters should be installed by a professional.


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